The PanaVise 400 is a great wood carving vise for your light to medium wood carving. Using the 337 and 437 Fixturing Head Attachments, you can easily attach your project with screws. With a quick turn of the tightening knob, you can re-position your project quickly. I highly recommend having this vise in your work shop. You’ll use it for many aspects of your carving. I even use it to secure my carving while I paint.  Instructors Harley and Midge Schmitgen use these vises in their classes. Get yours here from Amazon:



Super Vise by Everett Everwood

Using a vise while carving allows you to keep both hands on the tool for safe, controlled carving. Made from 3/8 inch plate steel. The clamping area is precisely chamfered to grip tightly to the ball, giving the vise fantastic holding power. You can use your mallet to remove wood without your carving moving. Then, with the simple twist of the handle, you get unlimited project positioning. The vise is Powder Coated to give it an attractive, tough scratch resistant finish. Once you use this vise, you’ll say; “why didn’t I get this years ago”.

This vise was designed by me, Ev Ellenwood (Woodcarver & Author). During my many years of carving, I found many carvers weren’t happy with the devices available to hold their projects while carving. I myself was always frustrated because I wasn’t able to quickly and securely position the object I was carving . Because of this frustration I designed and developed the “Super Vise”.

I’ve sold hundreds of these vices and have never had one returned and have received nothing but positive comments by those using it. I designed this vice with only the best quality materials and the machining is done by professional toolmakers.

Although this vise with designed for woodcarving, it works great for any craft where sturdy holding and quick positioning is required.

I’ve been in the business for over 20 years. I’m an award-winning woodcarver and author. I stand behind all products I offer here. Although it states here I don’t accept returns, if you’re having any problems, just give me a call or drop me an email and I’ll take care of you.

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RIKON Power Tools 77-002 Woodcarvers Vise

This vise from Rikon can be mounted to surfaces up to 4″ thick making it easy to move around your shop. Get yours here from Amazon:

This device helps to fix your workpiece reliably and to carve comfortably by both hands.

Benefits of use:

It lets you to work faster and more productive;
It totally excludes injuries during sculpture carving;
Turning system lets to fix the workpiece in any possible positions;
Wood carving process definitely will be more enjoyable.
Technical specifications:

Rack height – 20cm

Platform for workpiece diameter – 10cm

Basic platform specifications – 15cm*15cm

Weight – 6kg

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The ball and socket design of this German engineered bench vise, shown here in a horizontal position, allows the ability to position this vise in virtually any orientation. This vise also has flexible mounting options built right in to its design. It can be securely clamped to a table or bench, or screwed directly to a work bench. This vise also makes using our riveting system even easier to use. Positioning the riveting system horizontally makes aligning the rivets simple with less fuss. With the rivets positioned horizontally, the rivets stay in place with less chance of moving or falling out during the rivet setting operation

Swivel head rotates in all directions (even down, in front of the workbench)

Precision steel jaws are supplied with vertical and horizontal V-slots for securing round work pieces, too

3-Inch wide jaws open to a clamping width of 2-3/4-Inch (70 millimeters) and are equipped with removable rubber covers to protect delicate work pieces from damage

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