Lee Ferguson Hand Made Wood Carving Knives

These handmade woodcarving knives have high carbon tool steel blades and rosewood handles. They come pre-sharpened-ready to use. Heat treated to Rockwell 60, these knives hold an edge well and are easy to maintain. The short detail knife has a low profile is great for small details like eyes. The longer knives curl against the wood really well allowing you to get into those deep curves. Highly recommended you gives these knives a try. Plus…shipping is FREE to USA! Check out Lee’s ebay store. Click Here

Beaver Craft Wood Carving Knives

The detail wood carving knife is designed for delicate fine work of carving wood, cutting small elements in wood, detailing sculptures and much more. Thanks to a thin blade and a comfortable handle, the whittling knife is easy to handle with wood carving. The handle of the knife is made of ash wood, ground and covered with natural linseed oil, the blade is made of special knife steel, hardened and well sharpened.

With this knife you can cut both soft and hardwood species, a wood knife can cut out spoons, scoops, walking sticks, slingshots and much more.

Well-made wood carving tool is great for whittling, chip carving, marking, general woodworking, and handicrafts.
Razor-sharp hard carbon steel blade is ready to use right out of the package
Ergonomic Ashwood hardwood handle
Comfortable after hours of continued wood carving and woodworking
Quality control is carried on every stage of the production process

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Beckwith Arts

Handmade quality woodcarvings and woodcarving tools. Every piece is made completely by hand in our home based workshop in Youngsville Pennsylvania. See Beckwith Arts Ebay Page. Click Here

STRYI – Wood Carving Tools

We started making wood carving instruments in 2009 year. At first it was a hobby that grew to small family business. We faced different obstacles and misfortunes but we went through all the ups and downs and now we are trying to do our best in creating excellent wood carving tools to satisfy our clients. Visit Stryi’s Ebay Page. Click Here