Safety Equipment

-Safety Equipment-

Carving Gloves

Normally worn on the non carving hand, a carving glove is your new best friend. It will protect you from most slashing cuts and nicks. A carving glove is there to catch the accidental slips from carving. It will not protect from stabbing or pokes from the point the of tool. Wear it!

* Thick leather work gloves are not near as good as the Kelvar ones. A razor sharp blade can go right through the leather!
* Know that you’ll be wearing a glove for an extended period of time carving. Those gloves that have a hard rubber hand surface or any other non-breathable type will soon start to cause your hands to sweat.
* The fishing fillet gloves are cool but the stainless wires that are usually in those fillet gloves tend to poke out and become quite annoying after awhile.

Thumb Guards

On the carving hand, you can wear a guard on your thumb. The guard becomes a sacrificial piece that will absorb the punishment from the knife’s impacts.

* Thumb guards can take a lot of abuse; especially the leather ones. Make sure to keep a spare in your tool box.
* Tack tape (the stuff used for horses) is not the same as carver’s tape. They look very similar. Make sure you’re buying the correct kind. Also, carver’s tape can dry out. Keep it in a sealed zip lock bag for longer life. Some carvers will even wrap their leather thumb guards and/or carving glove finger tips with carvers tape which can be replaced as it wears.