Great Plains Wood Carvers

Great Plains Wood Carvers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting wood carving as an art form through monthly business and carving meetings, seminars, and an annual show and sale. You are cordially invited to join us for a meeting, to carve, or at our annual show. We welcome anyone who is interested in the art of wood carving.

Come Join Us!

You are cordially invited to join us for our monthly dinner meeting or the monthly carve-in. Information on both meetings is listed below.



Annual Show

Great Plains Wood Carvers hosts an annual Show and Sale in May of each year at the Cessna Activity Center. The show brings together wood carving artists from throughout the United States for a 2-day show and sale. The show includes a judged carving competition, commercial vendors, a carving contest, purchase awards, and a Sunday brunch.

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A long time friend and carving mentor, Ed Zinger, passed away yesterday morning after having broken his hip earlier this summer. Many of you carvers may have met Ed through his Branson, MO seminars Woodcarving Rendezvous which ran for about 30 years. Ed was also a long time member of the board of the NWCA with Ed Gallenstein. Keep your knives and gouges sharp Ed!

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A quick tip... If you're like me, I use YouTube a lot for instructional videos. From wood carving a ball in a cage to fixing my dishwasher, I always say I'm 2 YouTube videos from starting any project. The downside? Maybe its just me but it takes forever for people to get to the point and their motions are soooo slow! Did you know that you can speed up the videos? Click on the settings button (the small gear in the corner of the video) and watch it at 1.25x, 1.5x, or at 2x the speed. They may sound like chipmunks, but I get a few minutes of my life back! 🙂 ...

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The September 2017 Newsletter is now available! 👀 ...

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